It all started back in 1958/9 when Ron Cayzer and his sons Alan and John, first went to watch Brisca Formula One Stockcar Racing at Rayleigh, Southend where Ron’s brother lived. They only watched the racing a few times and it wasn’t until 1961 when a lorry driver, who raced stockcars, came up to the farm with a “Brafield” sticker in his cab, when they started watching the sport once again.

They travelled up to Coventry Stadium, against Elsie Cayzer’s (Ron’s wife) wishes that 500 miles was too far to watch a stockcar race! Unknown to them until they arrived there it was the World Final in which the driver Johnny Bise (103) took the chequered flag.

They continued to watch until 1964 when Alan was 16 and was able to race himself. He brought a car off of Alan Charmers (379) an Oldsmoblie. Ron also joined as Alan was too young to drive to the tracks, so he purchased an ex Tony Last car (345) which at that time was looked after by Ron Rodgers.

After a few months Ron won the final at Walthamstow with 13″ wheels. Alan on the other hand, kept losing wheels each meeting!

In 1965 Ron built his own car, a Cadillac. Alan won his first race, a heat, at West Ham with a car brought from Chick Henson (477). 1966 saw Alan win his first final at Walthamstow, an Oldsmoblie that he built himself. He then went on the qualify for the World Final that year, but was unable to attend the meeting as they wouldn’t give Ron a booking, meaning that there was no way he could travel to Belleview. At that time Alan was a red top.

June 1967 John started racing in an ex Tony Last car rebuilt (13″ wheels) Cadillac. In his first meeting at Harringate he hit the fence, which nearly put him off racing. But he went on to win his first race that year, a heat at Kings Lynn.

At the end of the season all three packed up due to the lack of meetings. Harringay and Walthamstow were the only tracks, the rest were to far to travel to. Ron’s car (267) was sold to Alan Briggs (138), Alan’s car (266) was sold to Jim Potter (146), and John’s car (265) was sold to Blondie De Coster.

Boxing Day, 1967, they all joined Speedworth. Ron (379) and Alan (380) both had cars from Pat and Mike Frost, MGB 1800. John (381) had to start with the same colour roof as when he left Brisca.

In 1968, Ron (blue top) won the Golden Award at Wimbledon. Alan (red top) won a Final at Yarmouth, and John (yellow) won a Final at Ipswich.

In 1969 both Alan and John built new cars. John went top of the points which made him silver. Their cousin, Peter Cayzer (359) brought a car from Roger Brown (282) and started racing. He raced for 18 months that saw him get to a blue top, but it was one night at Ipswich when his car caught alight which put him off for good.