Gallery - 1960's

Spedeworth Superstox photos from 1960’s. The Cayzer Racing private collection of photos of Ron, Alan, John and Peter Cayzer racing with Spedeworth Superstox in the 1960's.

Spedeworth Superstox

On Boxing Day, 1967, Ron, Alan and John joined Speedworth. Ron (379) and Alan (380) both had cars from Pat and Mike Frost, MGB 1800. John (381) had to start with the same colour roof as when he left Brisca.

In 1968, Ron (blue top) won the Golden Award at Wimbledon. Alan (red top) won a Final at Yarmouth, and John (yellow) won a Final at Ipswich.

In 1969 both Alan and John built new cars. John went top of the points which made him silver. Their cousin, Peter Cayzer (359) brought a car from Roger Brown (282) and started racing. He raced for 18 months that saw him get to a blue top, but it was one night at Ipswich when his car caught alight which put him off for good.

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