Customise your own Stock Car Racing Merch

Customise your own Stock Car Racing merch

Need help? Check out our help section below.

You can now customise Stock Car Racing t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, kids clothes, stickers, mugs, caps and more.

Choose one of our designs or add your own photos.

Personalise your own product by adding your own text.

We have created a large collection of Stock Car Racing images you can place anywhere on your item.

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Design ideas

How can I make my photos look good?

It's nice to add your own photos but they never look good sqaure. There are a number of methods you improve your photos on your merch.

Add a frame


Under designs search for frames

Select a frame and add it straight or slightly rotated.

Simple background removal tool

Go to remove background tool.

Upload your image.

If you want to try again, refresh the page and start again.

Once you are happy with the image press download (you will need to make a login).



  • Photos that have plain backgrounds with few colours and gradients work best.
  • Try different photos to see what works best.

Free photo editing software online

Go to the Pixlr website.

Click open image to upload your image.

When asked to resize the image select Original and click Apply.

Select the Magic Wand tool.

Select the area you want to remove and it will surround it with dots.

Press delete on your keyboard to remove it.

Change the Tolerance, a higher number will select a bigger area.

To save go to FileExportQuick export image as PNG.


To deselect an area, right click on the photo and click deselect.

To undo what you have just done, click on edit and click undo.




Shape your photo

Upload your photo in our customise tool.

With your photo selected click Edit photo.

Under stencils select what cut out you want to use.

Click Done when you are finished.


Change the settings of your cutout by clicking the clog wheel in the selected stencil.

Add filters to your photo under the filter tab.






Need a professional design made?

If you want us to put together a design for you based on your requirements we can do that for you. For just £20 you tell us what you want, we will design it for you and send you a link to buy products. Any car, any driver. See our design requests page for more information.

What products can I customise?

  • Men's & women's t-shirts
  • Mens & women's premium t-shirts
  • Men's & women's long-sleeved shirts
  • Men's & women's premium hoodies
  • Unisex hooded jackets
  • Unisex Sweatshirts
  • Contrast colour hoodies
  • Kids' classic t-shirts
  • Kid's premium t-shirts
  • Kids' premium hoodies
  • Kid's premium long-sleeved shirts
  • Teenage classic t-shirts
  • Teenager's premium t-shirts
  • Teenager's premium long-sleeved shirts
  • Snapback caps
  • Jersey beanies
  • Drawstring bags
  • Tote bag

Customise my own