MAY 1975

Cayzer wins European championship

  Yesterday at Foxhall Stadium we were given a very full afternoon of racing. The main event was for Superstox who were racing for the European Championship. A very large crowd turned out on a glorious afternoon and track conditions were perfect.

  For the main race the 35 drivers picked their own grid positions out of the trophy they were racing for. John Cayzer took full advantage of his poll position by roaring into the lead. John Gray quickly got into second place but was unable to keep up with the leader.

  Former champion Tony May was finding the race hard and was never able to get going. Doug McMahon who, not for the first time, started from the back was quickly pushing his way through the field.

  Oetelaar from Holland was racing well and holding his own in third place till he tangled up with a back marker and they both hit the fence with a bang. Both drivers got out with just a shaking but Oetelaar's car was left in the middle of the straight and this didn't help at the track was getting slippery.

  By lap 20 the Southern challenge had been weakened with Monk then Warwick and Willis all having to retire. While this was happening Cayzer had built up a half lap lead from new second place man Neil Bee who had overtaken John Gray.

  By the 40th lap Cayzer finished well clear of second man Neil Bee who just held off a late challenge from MaMahon.


  For East Anglian drivers it was a great day as they got the first four places. Other drivers who did well were Graham Dockerhill who was seventh, Martin Burch who was eighth and nice to see Jack Savage getting a ninth.

  The Hot Rod team race was won by England but they were given a few scares from the European team in some of the races we saw good team racing especially from the Scots. All drivers tried hard and credit must be given to both teams. In the last race we had hot rod racing at its best with Martin Page holding off a very strong challenge from Barry lee for five laps to win.

  The rest of the meeting was made up of Superstox and from them we got four action-packed races. John Cayzer proved he was a worthy champion by winning the Final in a race which started with 46 cars.

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