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John Cayzer whom the spotlight falls more heavily these days was born in 1951 at Bishops Stortford, Herts and is non-smoking and teetotal. He lives in a mobile home with his wife Diane, known to John as 'Smithy' (her maiden name) and no doubt used as a tribute to John's favourite driver!!!! They have a daughter, Kelly who is two and a half and have just added a boy to the clan called Derek.

Alan and his wife Mary live in a bungalow with their two boys, Stuart and Steven whilst the kids Gran and Grandad, Elsie and Ron, reside in the farmhouse. Elsie as a very with it Grandma already has ideas of her grandchildren going into Mini Stox, so it looks as though there could well be a third generation of Cayzers on the short circuit scene.

John these days has a couple of superstitions about stock cars and these are his lucky yellow paint on the car and his not wanting to wear a watch when racing, which if his performances are anything to go by seem to work. The family are his greatest supporters and usually all travel together in his ex British Rail Leyland worksbus transporter.

For their living they farm wheat and barley which is fairly convenient for stock car drivers except of course at harvest time. It must be quite unusual to have a family represented at both of the main short circuit promotions but we are certainly grateful in the south just to have one third of this talented trio on the BriSCA side of things. Only trouble is that John is loathed to travel too far to race, so for many fans he will just remain a name in the statistics. We hope however, that in some way we have through this feature been able to put perhaps a part of a face to the name.

Bob Hall and Stuart Ralls

Below: Early days for John at Harringay.
Bottom Right: John receives his first race win award from Chick Woodroffe.

Top Left: Alan (266) and Ron's (267) cars, circa 1966. Lower Left: Ron's former Tony Last Cadillac powered car.

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