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Go to any Yarmouth Superstox meeting and during the evening you'll see one to the three Cayzer's on the control car, and it's not unknown for them to get first second and third in a race. They all started watching racing at the Rayleigh Weir Stadium in the late fifties. To most people, they are and always have been Superstox drivers, with Ron and John having a few tries in the Saloon Stocks and Alan racing Auto-Speedway for the Foxhall Foxes based at Ipswich. It was, however, in Formula one racing that all three started, although John only had a few months of the bigger cars before all three joined Spedeworth and started racing the Superstox.

A quick run down on their racing careers by Man on the Terrace proves just how good they have all been:

Ron Cayzer
B.S.C.D.A 267 Spedeworth 379
Starting F.1. in 1964. Won World Championship Qualifying round at Walthamstow. Reached Blue Grade by end of season. 8th in Walthamstow points chart. Reserve for World Final at Coventry in 1965. Reserve for World Final at Harringay . 2nd in Embassy Trophy at Walthamstow. In 1967 8th in World Final at Harringay. Spedeworth debut Yarmouth December 26th 1967 (5th in Final) 1968 won Spedeworth Golden Award. Consistent blue or Red Grade ever since. Currently 20th in Points Chart.
Alan Cayzer
B.S.C.D.A 266
Spedeworth 380.
F.1. debut 1964. Qualified for World Final at Belle Vue 1966. Red Grade 1967.
Spedeworth debut with Ron. 4th World Championship 1969 and 1970. South London Champion 1970. Runner up British Championship 1970.
3rd in Points Championship 1975 and runner up 1976. 3rd European Championship 1976 2nd London Championship 1976. Currently 2nd in Points Championship 4th 1977 English Championship.
John Cayzer
B.S.C.D.A 265 Spedeworth 381
F.1. debut 1967. Joined Spedeworth with Ron and Alan. Held Silver Top early in 1969. Runner up in Golden Award 1969 and 1970. 3rd World Championship 1972. 3rd Points Championship 1974. In 1975 European Champion, English Champion, 2nd in Points. In 1976 retained English Championship and was 4th in Points Championship despite injury while racing Stock Saloon Car. In 1977 has regained Silver Top as Top Points Scorer. 3rd 1977 English Championship. 1977 British Match Race Champion.

Having asked John and Alan if I could do an interview during a meeting at Wimbledon they both dived for their cars and suddenly were very busy. So I told them I was going to do it and showed them the No.4 Short Circuit with the trailer for this article. Three weeks later I finally caught up with them on the phone.

John was first 'Hello and Cheerio, will that do?' It didn't. he said that having raced for so short a time, In his F.1., he didn't have a favourite track or anything that he counted as his biggest success although his father was quick to point out that John has won a few races in the big car. His favourite track in the Super is Yarmouth and when asked what he considered his biggest success he just said 'There's no difference I'm always trying'. Would he go back to F.1.?
J.C. - Well, they're too expensive.
C.J. - How about racing a Hot Rods?
J.C. - I'd like to have a go but they look so fast and I don't like having to buy racing tyres. (Pause) They're only a bit faster than us though, it's only about half a second a lap isn't it?
C.J. - Will you race a Saloon Stock again?
J.C. They're a disaster for me, no thanks!

Alan was next on the list but he was suffering from a bad cold, so his wife took down the questions and then I 'phoned back the next day for the answers.
C.J. - What are the biggest changes you've seen since you started racing?
A.C. - Well the style of cars, there's a lot more money in them. You only have to look at the pictures of cars a few years ago.
C.J. - Which tracks do you like best?
A.C. - For F.1. Coventry was my best rack and I've never missed a meeting at Wisbech since it opened.
C.J. - Which wins have given you greatest satisfaction?
A.C. - I don't know really, 2nd in the 1970 British and 3rd on the European last year probably.

Ron was next, but was on holiday, so I spoke to his wife and asked her what it was like having three stock car drivers in the family. 'Its been so long, I've got used to it, anyway, it's great fun and it's always been a family thing. I've enjoyed it'. A reply a large number of drivers would love to hear their wives give I have no doubt. Once Ron came home, I spoke to him.
C.J. - What do you remember most about your big roll at Wimbledon?
R.C. - I remember it alright. I just wondered when the car would stop rolling, it went on for ever.
C.J. - Which tracks do you like the most?
R.C. - The 'Stow (Walthamstow) was my best F.1. track. I won a World Championship Qualifier there. I suppose Yarmouth in the Superstox.
C.J. - Which wins have you enjoyed most?
R.C. - Well, I won the Golden Award one year (Superstox 1968) and the Tip Top Trophy at cayzer-bothersHarringay in F.1.

The one impression I got speaking to all the Cayzer's family was that they raced because they enjoyed it and it was family entertainment. I know that they would like to travel more both to Scotland and the Continent but when you run the largest farm in East Anglia, that isn't possible. As Alan pointed out, stox are fun, farming is their living.

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